Born in 1939 in Mirkovo, Sofia.


In 1956 he graduated from the „School of Decorative Arts“, and in 1973 – VIII „Nikolay Pavlovich“, Faculty of Decorative Arts, specialty  in „Wood carving“ in the class of prof. Assen Vassilev.


He is a member of the UBA since 1975, section „Decorative – Applied Arts.
He has worked in TC „Thrace souvenir“ as a specialist in artistic matters.


Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.


His works are in the National Gallery, the National Gallery of Decorative Art, International and National Cultural  Convention Centre, National Palace of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, district and regional galleries, galleries in Bulgaria and private collections in Bulgaria, Italy, France Greece, Cuba, Germany. The largest exhibition of his works are in private collections in Frankfurt, where they represented three periods of his work. In architectural collections of national importance are his monumental works, plastic walls and elements of architecture and art integrated architectural solutions.


Winner of the following prizes:

А nomination for the Grand Prix of IV National Youth Exhibition (1975);

Prize of II Quadrinnale of decorative arts of the socialist countries – Erfurt (1978);

Annual Award of the Union of Bulgarian Artists of Decorative Arts in the name of Ivan Penkov;


Award for Lifetime Achievement of the Ministry of Culture – a scholarship to stay in the studios of the Cite des Art`s – Paris (1989).


Selected participations in exhibitions:


From 1974 to 1998 he participated in all annual National exhibition of decorative arts in Sofia and Yambol, and in many group, sectional and solo exhibitions.
1978 he took part in the II-nd Quadrinnale of decorative arts of the socialist countries – Erfurt and won the grand prize of Quadrinnale.
1989 participates in the selection of the „Bulgarian decorative art“, presented in gallery „Haus am Luelkowplatz“, Foerderkreiss Kulturzentrum in Berlin, Germany.
1991 he participated in the pan-European exhibition of decorative art – „Konfigura 1- Die Kunst Europas“ – in Erfurt. That same year – in the exhibition „Contemporary Bulgarian Art“ gallery „La Specia“ – Palermo, Italy. Organize a solo exhibition at the cultural center „Mouton Noir“, Undervelier, Switzerland.
1992 he participated in the group exhibition „Contemporary Bulgarian Art“ in several cities in France.
1997 he participated in a special presentation of artists working with wood all over Europe in Hanover, after selection and jury – exhibition „Holz in Kuenstlerhand“ – Eine Sonderpaesentation der Ligna.
Solo exhibitions:
1982 – exhibition in Erfrut as winner of the II-nd Quadrinnale of decorative arts from the socialist countries
1995 – a solo exhibition in the group exhibition „Empfindungen im Holz und Farbe“ in the headquarters of Computer 2000 – Hauptverwaltung in Munich, Germany. Later the same exhibition was shown in the halls of the Heidelberg Castle – Der Geschloss Heidelberg
1996 – the same exhibition was presented in the space of Pipenbrock Unternehmensgruppe Hauptverwaltung
2000 – personal exhibition „Balance“ in the town church of Bad Wildungen, Germany.
2002 – personal exhibition „Design of the soul“ in St. Marienkirche, Osnabrueck, Germany; exhibition in the Monastery Wittem – Netherlands
2003 – exhibition in Mauritius rotunda in Konstanz Münster, Germany; solo exhibition „Angels touch the soul“ in the Cathedral in Menden, Germany
2004 – exhibitions in hospital St. Catherine’s church in Althen Ruethen, Germany
2005 – personal exhibition „Angels and Saints“ in Elisabeth Church in Marburg, Germany
2005/2006 – solo exhibition „Angels“ in St. Catherine, Osnabrück, Bad Arolsen, Bramsche and Bad Wildungen, Germany
2006/2014 – numerous solo exhibitions of spiritual themes in churches and monasteries in Germany.

2015 – solo exhibition in Bad Wildungen Stadtkirche, Germany.